Emily Baum

Emily Baum is a child of the mid seventies. She started performing at the ripe old age of 3 when she debuted as podgy bunny on the left at the primary school Easter parade. By 11 her mother discovered Emily could not play the piano for toffee; but could sing. After that she pimped Emily out to any company that would have her in exchange for wine.

So began a love of performing – mainly comedy. Starting with school plays, higher education and then a degree in Theatre, Emily set sail for the land of stand-up comedy. However, she quickly realised she was only 20 and had very little to talk about except dating and cats.

In May 1994, desperate for guidance Emily wrote to her comedy hero Victoria Wood, who replied:

“To be a comedian you have to be a complete individualist with a line on life that is special to you – so have a bit of a life first – do as many different things as you can, then you’ll have something to say!”

Taking Victoria Wood’s advice, Emily set about having a life so she had something to talk about. Then life just got so complicated that it has taken until 2017 for Emily to come back to her first love (no, not singing), but comedy. Emily likes playing with ideas – whether that is writing sketches, preparing her next set, or imagining questions she would ask Julia Roberts should they ever be stuck in a lift together.

Emily focuses on comedy with little or no swearing. Not because she is a prude, but because she wants everyone to enjoy her form of comedy.

Emily doesn’t talk about women’s problems – all a bit below the belt.

Emily doesn’t talk about men’s problems – little knowledge.

Emily doesn’t talk politics – I do jokes, not jokers.

She does talk about being a parent to a daughter with Autism, being mistaken for being German whereever she goes, and how being gay in Surrey makes her a trophy neighbour.