Get to a Gig

I am having such fun coming back into comedy. I have played gigs at the Cavendish Arms, the Jolly Roger, and any open mic that will have me. If you have not been to live comedy in a while – go. There are so many talented comics desperate to entertain you and often for free. Last week I say Andy Bromley and Wilson Mitchell at the Jolly Roger in Rochester – and they brought the house down.

Hello world!

Let’s get this party started! After a short break of 15 years I am back with a vengeance and a lot to share – so prepare yourself. You may need an energy drink and a Mars bar because I am raring to go. The wonderful thing about the second time round is – you know what you are in for!

In the meantime here is a video for you to watch of one of my sets – please be warned there is one rude word in it – but it is the mother of all rude words, so not advisable for kids.